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A little about me…

Hi 👋

My name is Lisa. I’m a mother of 2 children, Paige 15 (almost 16 eek 😱) and Gus 11. My husband’s name is Brendan, I think he’s a pretty amazing builder and husband. We own a building company, we’ve build up from the ground. I work in admin & payroll 2 days a week. I also am a qualified teacher, where I work at a small local school as the Learning and Support teacher part-time.

I started in a very different direction many years ago studying Visual Arts at uni and then changed to fashion design. I completed my Cert IV and began weaving handbags made from recycled jeans. I also hand painted singlets. These I sold in a few shops and at markets. During this time I met Brendan.

A few months down the track, I decided to finish my Visual Arts degree….then Brendan and I fell pregnant with Paige. At 23 years old this was shock. Brendan was only 21. We were living in Wollongong at the time but moved back to Bega. Through hard work I eventually went back to uni (with a 5 year old & a 4 month old 🤯) worked part-time packing shelves, tutoring and working at a Montessori school until I finished my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & History. I also completed my Master of Teaching. I don’t know how I got through it and am so grateful for Brendan’s support. During this time he had also gone back and completed his carpentry and builder’s qualifications.

Since then, I have been teaching for about 6 years and predominately taught in Stage One. This year has taken me on a different direction as I teach Year One maths and manage and run Minilit groups (small phonics intervention groups) part-time.

I have experienced teaching through remote learning and have experienced the challenges first hand by being on class and with my own children. This sparked my business idea of creating hands-on learning packs that parents can easily pick up and use.

My second influence came from our love of caravanning. My family and I have made the trip from Bega to Queensland in the van twice…and loved it. Well, most of us. Paige prefers her own space at home, rather than a bunk bed.

We’ve actually had a long road of discovery with Paige. We finally are beginning to understand her needs thanks to an amazing paediatrician and not giving up on getting answers.

Covid emotionally hit our family hard, like many others. We were lucky we still had employment but our daughter was struggling. She was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ADHD (inattentive). The relief that it gave Paige and us is indescribable.

I wouldn’t say things are easy now, but they’re more manageable. Paige is settled in school and content.

This is why we aren’t travelling around Australia. It’s something we most definitely aspire to do but the time just isn’t right for us.

I have met many amazing travelling families and hope to help them with resources and tips to make learning on the road that little bit easier 🤍

In the meantime, my husband and I have started to travel. Our first major trip being to Las Vegas and LA! This has definitely sparked the travel bug in us both!

Thanks for reading my blog & getting to know me.

Lisa x

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